We continue to support the young people who will make a difference tomorrow


The Argonaftis program, which contributes to the reduction of unemployment and enhances the employability of young scientists in Cyprus, continues this year with great success.


This EuroLife-sponsored work experience program has created interest among hundreds of graduates, with 655 already applying to participate in its activities. Of these, 63 were selected to join following a series of interviews with an independent committee. More than half of them were employed after the end of the program, about 25% continued with postgraduate studies, while others moved on to create their own businesses, thus implementing the principles of youth entrepreneurship –a central point of reference for all modern work experience programs.


Argonauts participate in educational and research activities, travel abroad to network and inform, represent Cyprus in European forums, pursue their own research interests through the implementation of specialized projects, and more.


The Argonaftis program is supported by more than 50 public and private sector entities in Cyprus and abroad. The media and social networking sites promote the program’s activities. The circle of supporters is growing every year!


“I believe that the young people of our country have dreams and goals and also the right knowledge and background to succeed. What is lacking for these to become reality, is the appropriate means. And that is what Argonaftis offers –through work experience, research and training. Response to the program is particularly great and we are determined to continue on the same path with even more decisive steps to help young scientists apply their knowledge and develop it”, said Artemis Pantelidou, EuroLife’s General Manager.


Argonaftis is already recognized by the labor market as a high-performance work experience accreditation. The enthusiastic participation of our unemployed graduates is indicative of the country’s great need for such opportunities that help our youth integrate into the labor market. There is a lot of human potential that remains inactive.


The AKTI Project and Research Center continues to support our young people through substantial and innovative involvement. The long-term cooperation with EuroLife for the implementation of the Argonaftis Work Experience Program is a successful example of social responsibility.