What do we mean by “investment fund”?

Investment programs offered by EuroLife are linked to investment funds having a medium- to long-term horizon. These funds provide both insurance protection and investment, allowing the placement and investment of your premiums so that your initial capital can increase.

The management of investment funds is shaped according to financial data and market prospects. We employ our expertise, professionalism and good financial standing to achieve a satisfactory return with relatively low investment risk for your financial security. You can choose the fund that suits you the best according to the degree of investment risk you desire. Click here to see which investment profile is a good match for you.

Can I change my investment fund?

You can change the allocation of your future premiums in investment funds in accordance with our regulations. The date the change will become effective will be the premium payment date following the date on which we have received your application for the premium allocation change.

What does “surrender value” of my policy mean?

Surrender value is the value of investment units credited to your policy, and is calculated based on the Redemption Price. The Redemption Price is calculated by the Fund after the application for redemption is received at our offices. The surrender value will be reduced by any debts that the Owner has to our company and which are directly related to the policy.

What is a “paid up policy”?

Your policy can become “Paid-up” when there is a sufficient Redemption Value that is not lower than the specified minimum amount. If you select this option:

  • The obligation to pay more premiums no longer applies.
  • The insured amount remains unchanged, unless the owner submits a written request to reduce it.
  • Any supplementary benefits are terminated.
  • The following options for converting your policy are no longer available: inflationary adjustment, premium modification, additional single premium, withdrawal, addition and removal of supplementary benefits, change in the allocation of the invested part of the premium.
  • Charges still apply for the Death Benefit and for management costs.

If on any billing date, and for as long as the policy is in Paid Up status, the total charges turn out to be greater than the Redemption Price, the Policy will be terminated without any value.

Can I assign any insurance policy to a bank for purposes of using it as collateral to a loan?

An insurance policy is an important asset that can be accepted by a bank as additional collateral. For this reason, assignment is accepted.